Policy Events

Inside Reform: Prison Healthcare Campaigns, Past and Present

National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin, 2 June 2017

Policy Event

jail-831270_1920Prisoners’ health has been a long-standing, historical concern of prison reform groups and individual campaigners. Even prior to the foundation of the modern prison system in the mid-nineteenth century, reformers and prisoner advocates across England and Ireland highlighted the question of prisoner health, actively campaigned to improve prison conditions that adversely affected inmates’ well-being, and lobbied for improved medical services … [Read more …]

A Witness Seminar on HIV/AIDS in Prisons

Centre for History in Public Health at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, 18 May 2017

Policy Event

witsem6An important part of our research into the impact of HIV/AIDS on prisons is to hear from those with first-hand knowledge and experience of how the prison service responded to this new health crisis in the 1980s and 1990s. As well as gathering individual oral history interviews, we have done this by organising a witness seminar as an opportunity for key individuals to discuss their experiences and memories of the development of prison policy around HIV/AIDS … [Read more …]

Diet and Nutrition in Institutions of Care: History and Policy

University of Warwick, 21 April 2017

Policy Event

file-20170609-20824-1tsqiypOn 21 April 2017 the Centre for History of Medicine at the University of Warwick hosted a day event exploring the history of, and current policy around, diet and nutrition in institutions of care, Diet and Nutrition in Institutions of Care: History & Policy.  The event was organised between two Wellcome Trust funded projects: Prisoners, Medical Care, and Entitlement to Health in England and Ireland and The Cultural History of the NHS. …[Read more…]

The Prison and Mental Health: From Confinement to Diversion

Warwick Business School, London Campus, Eastern Lecture Theatre, The Shard, London, 12 February 2016

Policy Event

WakefieldIn 2015 26%­ of­ women ­and ­16% ­of ­men in English prisons ­claimed that ­they ­had­ received treatment for a mental health problem in the year prior to custody. According to the same study, 46%­ of female prisoners­ and 21% of male prisoners reported having ­attempted­ suicide at some point in their lives … [Read more …]