Launch: Positive in Prison

Dr Janet Weston

The 1980s HIV/AIDS crisis may be recent history, but the experiences of those who lived through it are rapidly disappearing from the public mind. To reintroduce one specific collection of experiences, from the HIV/AIDS separation unit in Dublin’s largest prison, project member Janet Weston (LSHTM) created an audio-drama with partners Digital Drama.

This audio docu drama is being launched tonight at the Launch for Positive in Prison at the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin.

Listen to the podcast here, share it, and let us know what you think.


A Digital Drama Audio production

The script for this audio drama was created from a series of original oral history interviews conducted by Dr Janet Weston in 2016 and 2017. The words recorded in the interviews are spoken by actors, and some names have been changed.

Thank you to all those who were interviewed for their time and for sharing their memories.

Cast list in order of appearance:

  1. Dr Fergus O’Kelly: Fergal McElherron
  2. Mara de Lacy: Fiona Victory
  3. John Lonergan: John Fagan
  4. Paul Hatton: Stuart Graham
  5. Father Frank Brady: Chris Dunne
  6. Brian Horgan: Michael Colgan
  7. Sally O’Reilly: Erin Geraghty
  8. Dr Enda Dooley: Mark Lambert
  9. Narrator: Edward Hart
  • Sound Recordist: Callum Leak
  • Producer: Alison Ramsey
  • Sound Designer: David Chilton
  • Director: Kate Valentine

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