Book Your Free Tickets for Tate Exchange 12-17 June 2018

The University of Warwick’s week as part of Tate Exchange at Tate Modern, The Production of Truth, Justice and History, opens on 12 June. Free tickets to three events hosted by our project are now available.

  • Past Time panel discussion about our project at HMP Hewell.
    Weds 13 June 4.15-5pm
    Book your free ticket here
  • Lock Her Up panel discussion about our audio soundscapes.
    Fri 15 June 12.15-1pm
    Book your free ticket here  
  • Disorder Contained film showing and panel discussion
    Weds 13 June 2.15-3.45pm
    Book your free ticket here

Additionally, there are two Ten Minute Talks from our project; no booking required, just turn up at the artwork!

  • Weds 13 June 1.30pm: Professor Hilary Marland                                   Tehching Hsieh, One Year Performance 1980-1981. 
    Room 2: Level 3
  • Friday 15 June 130pm: Dr Rachel Bennett. George Condo, L’Amour. Room: George Condo, Level 4 Recent Acquisitions

Warwick Tate Exchange runs 12-17 June 2018 and is open daily from 12-6pm.

More information on our project’s activities at Tate Exchange

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